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Details Jis-228-Trschloss-8x12-linksffnend

Cerradura Jis 228 8x12. - Cilindro graduable. - Sistema contrapalanca. - Con pasador de bulones. - Sentido de apertura: izquierda.

40,87 EUR*
Details Jis-230-Trschloss-8x12-rechtsffnend

Cerradura Jis 230 8x12. - Cilindro fijo. - Sistema contrapalanca. - Con pasador de bulones. - Sentido de apertura: derecha. - Cilindro redondo.

37,12 EUR*
Details Jis-239-11x7-Sicherheitsschloss-linksffnend-Braun

Cerradura Jis 239 11x7. - Pintada marron. - Cilindro fijo. - Sistema contrapalanca. - Pasador de bulones. - Sentido de apertura: izquierda.

49,88 EUR*
Details Tesa-R100B566-Sicherheitsschloss-Chrom

Cerradura seguridad Tesa R100B566 cromo. - 4 bulones de acero niquelado de 14 mm. de diámetro. - Cilindro t60. - Escudo e300l. - Acabado esmaltado cromo.

51,37 EUR*
Details Tesa-R200BT66L-Sicherheitsschloss

Cerradura seguridad Tesa R200B/T6/6L. - 4 bulones de acero niquelado de 14 mm. de diámetro. - Cilindro t60. - Escudo e700l. - Acabado latonado.

38,43 EUR*
Details azbe-5434D50-5-8912-Schloss-fr-Zylinder-HS-6-fr-5-Schlssel-M3-50-mm

Cerradura Azbe seguridad 8912-bc/hs-6/80. - Cerradura de embutir con cilindro de tipo monoblock. - Dos vueltas de llave. - Caja cerrada. - Nuevo sistema de resbalón reversible. - Gran robustez. - 4 bulones de acero. - Funcionamiento: la palanca con ...

13,96 EUR*
Details Labrador-Retriever-A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Owning-and-Caring-for-Your-Dog-Comprehensive-Owners-Guide

Used. Very Good conditions. May have soft reading marks and name of the previous owner.

13,89 EUR*
Details American-Pit-Bull-Terrier-A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Owning-and-Caring-for-Your-Dog-Comprehensive-Owners-Guide

Used. Very Good conditions. May have soft reading marks and name of the previous owner.

41,95 EUR*
Details Bitcoin-and-Cryptocurrency-Technologies-A-Comprehensive-Introduction

A Comprehensive IntroductionGebundenes BuchBitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies provides a comprehensive introduction to the revolutionary yet often misunderstood new technologies of digital currency. Whether you are a student, software developer ...

79,73 EUR*
Details Fibre-Channel-A-Comprehensive-Introduction

Fibre Channel a Comprehensive Introduction Since it first appeared, Fibre Channel: A Comprehensive Introduction has been accepted as the de facto reference manual for the industry. In this one convenient resource book, an exciting new area of ...

115,95 EUR*
Details Principles-of-Addiction-Comprehensive-Addictive-Behaviors-and-Disorders-Volume-1

Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 1Gebundenes BuchPrinciples of Addiction is one of three volumes encompassing the 2,500-page series, Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders. In both print and online formats, this series ...

113,63 EUR*
Details Chronic-Abdominal-Pain-An-Evidence-Based-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Clinical-Management

An Evidence-Based, Comprehensive Guide to Clinical ManagementGebundenes BuchChronic Abdominal Pain is a comprehensive resource focused on the management of chronic abdominal pain. Chapters begin with an overview of pain generation, adaptive mechanisms ...

247,37 EUR*
Details Comprehensive-Systems-Design-A-New-Educational-Technology-Proceedings-of-the-NATO-Advanced-Research-Workshop-on-Comprehensive-Systems-Design-A-New-2-7-1990-Nato-ASI-Subseries-F-Band-95

Comprehensive Systems Design Educational technology in the broadest sense is knowledge and competence for improving the educational process. This title presents the results of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on educational systems design as an ...

44,99 EUR*
Details Programming-Flex-3-The-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Creating-Rich-Internet-Applications-with-Adobe-Flex-The-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Creating-Rich-Media-Applications-with-Adobe-Flex

[{ Programming Flex 3[ PROGRAMMING FLEX 3 ] By Kazoun, Chafic ( Author )Sep-01-2008 Paperback By Kazoun, Chafic ( Author ) Sep - 01- 2008 ( Paperback ) } ]

154,26 EUR*
Details Preventive-Nutrition-The-Comprehensive-Guide-for-Health-Professionals-Nutrition-and-Health

The Comprehensive Guide for Health ProfessionalsGebundenes BuchThis newly expanded and updated fifth edition will be the largest and most comprehensive of the five editions and new topics and chapter authors have been added. The authors have created ...

94,07 EUR*
Details Comprehensive-Behavior-Management-Individualized-Classroom-and-Schoolwide-Approaches

Comprehensive Behavior Management Delivers behaviour management strategies and how to apply them in the classroom in a practical and effective way. Full description

43,95 EUR*
Details OpenGL-Superbible-Comprehensive-Tutorial-and-Reference

Comprehensive Tutorial and ReferenceBroschiertes BuchOpenGL SuperBible, Seventh Edition , is the definitive programmer's guide, tutorial, and reference for OpenGL 4.5, the world's leading 3D API for real-time computer graphics. The best introduction ...

13,81 EUR*
Details Hysterectomy-Before-After-A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Preventing-Preparing-For-and-Maximizing-Health-A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Preventing-Preparing-For-and-Maximizing-Health-After-Hysterectomy

Presents information on hysterectomies, discussing why they should be avoided and what alternatives exist, and offering a health plan for those who have undergone the operation.